As part of our new geography topic we are beginning to consider and explore our local area. On Friday afternoons we visit Greenbank Park. In the coming weeks we will be working on our map skills but first we needed to have an explore and get our bearings.

11th September 2020 –

18th September- Lots of fun in Greenbank Park again! This time we were seeing what features of the park we could find with our own checklists. We found the playground, cafe and some picnic benches. Sadly, we didn’t find a tennis court!

25th September- The Great Greenbank Leaf Hunt! Another fun Friday afternoon at the park

2nd October 2020 – Another lovely Friday afternoon spent at the park. Today we created some beautiful nature art pieces. The children were very innovative with their ideas… particularly ‘Mrs Robson and Miss Nuttall having a cup of coffee!’