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RE – Mrs Edge, Mrs Shurie (HLTA) & Miss Walker (LSA)

RS – Miss Sadiq, Mrs Jones (HLTA) & Miss Walker (LSA)

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Our Current Topics

Term: Spring 2

How does your garden grow?

Communication and Language and Literacy (Talk 4 Writing)

Fiction: The Extraordinary Gardener by Sam Boughton
We will make predictions about the characters and story before reading the text. We will then listen and respond to the text and explore the different vocabulary. We will create story maps and retell the story using actions. We will then create our own transformation tales.

Non-fiction: Instructions – How to grow a flower
We write some instructions for Joe to help him grow a flower. We will learn to retell the instructions with actions and practise using ‘bossy’ verbs. We will then create instructions of our own.

Sounds Write (phonics)

Units 9-11 (Using the sounds a, i, m, t, s, n, o, p, b, c, g, h, d, f, v, e, k, l, r, u, j, w, z, y, x, ss, ff, ll, zz, sh, ch, th, qu, ck)
We will be learning to read and write CCVCC and CCCVC words such as blush and strap. We will continue to build our fluency by reading and writing phonetically decodable sentences such as ‘Cam got the strap on the bag in a twist.’ The high frequency words: be, you, all, are, her, was, they, my will be introduced.


Numbers within 15
We will learn how to count fifteen objects and will explore the composition of numbers within fifteen. For example, fifteen may be made using 1+14, 5+10 etc. We will find out what is one more than and one less than numbers 1-15 and will use concrete apparatus to practise addition and subtraction, focusing on counting on. We will practise making sets of objects and will explore sharing into equal and unequal groups. We will consolidate our knowledge of coins and will begin to explore how we can represent a quantity of money such as 10p in different ways.


We will be learning about how we can solve problems
We will be talking about how we all share similarities and differences and that these things make us unique.

Understanding the World

We will be exploring the changes that take place during spring.
We will learn about the customs and celebrations linked to Shrove Tuesday, Mother’s Day and Easter.
We will learn about the life cycle of plants and will plant seeds and watch them grow. We will label the different parts of a plant and learn what plants need to be able to grow.

Expressive Arts and Design

We will be looking at real life plants and creating still life drawings.
We will look at flowers in art and discuss what pictures we like and why.
We will listen to The Waltz of the Flowers by Tchaikovsky and discuss what instruments we can hear. We will create drawings and dances in response to the music.

PE kits should be worn on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Homework will be given out on a Friday and must be returned on Wednesday.

Home Learning Project 

Dear Reception parents, carers and children,  

Each week, your Reception team will be uploading tasks and projects to be completed at home to continue your child’s learning, during this unprecedented time. In addition, below,  there are also other links that you may wish to use to support your child during this time. Stay well and we all hope to see each other very soon! Please keep in touch by Tweeting us @MrsEdgeGB and @GBMissSadiq. We would love to see what you are learning outside of school! 

Home Learning Project Parent Information


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