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1C Miss Cusack

1M Class Teacher: Miss Murphy

Year 1 Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Murphy and Miss Nuttall

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Current topics

Autumn 1


Unit 1: Numbers to 10
Unit 2: Addition and Subtraction within 10
Unit 3: Shapes and Patterns


Juniper Jupiter by Lizzy Stewart
Writing Outcomes: Superhero story & Writing to inform


Geography around our school


How can we look after our Earth?


Who is a Christian and what do they believe?


Being Me in My World


Can we create colourful paintings?




Text and Images


Hey You!


Below you will find information relating to Year 1 life…

In English this year, we will be reading a range of exciting books and developing our reading and writing skills.  We will be engaging with each book through reading, drama, poetry, discussing our likes, dislikes and predictions as well as relating it to other stories we have heard before.  Each book will have a fiction and non-fiction writing outcome.  We hope to foster a love of books and reading through individual, guided and shared reading activities. Each child will receive a reading folder containing an individual reading book, reading record book and useful information. Children should bring their reading folder to school daily. When reading at home, please write the date and book title in your child’s yellow reading record with a short comment to communicate with us in school that you have read with your child.

We will be teaching Mathematics using our Maths Mastery programme, taking part in lots of practical activities involving number, shape, space, measure, and problem- solving. We work alone, in partners, in small groups and as a class to improve our Numeracy skills and relate them to real-life situations.

Our afternoons include Science, History, Geography, Design & Technology, Art and Computing and these subjects are taught through topics and key questions. The children also have weekly sessions of R.E., Music and P.E. as well as P.S.H.E. and Philosophy4Children. More information on these can be found by clicking our Curriculum Overview button above or head to out school curriculum pages here.

1C and 1M both have PE on a Monday. Please ensure that your child comes into school in full P.E. kit on this day.

Homework will be set on Fridays via the Seesaw app. Children may respond on Seesaw or in the Home School Link Book which was provided at the beginning of the school year. If you misplace your child’s Seesaw details please contact a member of the Year 1 team we will be happy to help with this.

If you have any questions about Year 1, please speak to a member of our staff  at home-time or contact us via Seesaw or leave a message with the school office.

Important information
Autumn 2 Science: Seasonal Changes

Autumn 2 Science: Seasonal Changes

In Science we have been observing the weather and recording our findings. We can tell you with some certainty the weather has been pretty gloomy recently! We are looking forward to learning more about Winter and comparing our new findings with the gloomy Autumn...

Eco Club

Eco Club

Thank you to our Year 1 Eco Club! Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. This group of fantastic children have been helping us reuse our plastic waste within school. Watch this space, we can’t wait to share with you the end result! Helping to aerate the...

Autumn 2 RE: Why do people give gifts?

Autumn 2 RE: Why do people give gifts?

Happy Diwali! We had lots of fun learning all about Diwali, what Hindus believe and how they celebrate. We finished by making some diva lamps and the lovely Miss Sadiq came to teach us some fantastic Bollywood dancing!                        Christianity - The...

Autumn 2 – English ‘Rapunzel’ Rebecca Cobb

Autumn 2 – English ‘Rapunzel’ Rebecca Cobb

To start our new book, we found a tower in our classroom! We also received a mystery parcel with lots of interesting things inside: a spell book, blonde hair, a leaf and a black witch's hat. This made us ask lots of questions. We also built towers and thought about...

Celebrating Black History

Celebrating Black History

We had a great time in Year 1 learning all about Black History Month. We talked about Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela and finished by creating fantastic posters all about Nelson Mandela and the kind of man he was! Thank you to our wonderful superstars for bringing in...

Autumn 1 English: ‘The Something’ by Rebecca Cobb

Autumn 1 English: ‘The Something’ by Rebecca Cobb

'The Something' by Rebecca Cobb  You would never believe what we found on the playground. A great big hole! We have spent time trying to figure out what on earth has happened. Boy did we have a lot of theories, from aliens to secret passageways. We received a letter...

Autumn 1 Mathematics

Autumn 1 Mathematics

Numbers to 10 So far, we have been working hard on our numbers within 10. We have been comparing values and representing them with our tens frames. What a cracking start to year 1! Addition and subtraction for numbers to 10 Fantastic team work today to work out...

Autumn 1 Science: how can we protect the environment?

Autumn 1 Science: how can we protect the environment?

Science: How can we protect the environment? In science, we made a human bar chart to show the modes of transport we use to travel to school. We also made some fantastic 'Walk to school' posters, to encourage us all to leave our car at home if we can. This half term...

Adventures in Greenbank park

Adventures in Greenbank park

Geography As part of our new geography topic we are beginning to consider and explore our local area. On Friday afternoons we visit Greenbank Park. In the coming weeks we will be working on our map skills but first we needed to have an explore and get our bearings....