Year 2

2E Class Teacher: Mrs Edge

2M Class Teacher: Miss Murphy

Year 2 Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Khan and Mrs Jones

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Our Current Topics

Autumn Term 1 – Curriculum

Literacy- Read to Write
Unit based on the story ‘The Last Wolf’ by Mini Grey.
Writing Outcomes: Hunting Narrative and Instructions (Recipes)

Maths Mastery
Unit 1: Number within 100
Unit 2: Addition and subtraction of 2-digit numbers

Biology – How can we look after planet Earth?

About our local area – Where I live and play.

Religious Education
Faiths and Beliefs
What is God like? What do people believe about God?

Art and Design
Can we use collage to create cityscapes?
Artist: Tula Moon

Philosophy for Children
New Beginnings


Below you will find information relating to Year 2 life…

In English this year, we will be reading a range of exciting books and developing our reading and writing skills.  We will be engaging with each book through reading, drama, poetry, discussing our likes, dislikes and predictions as well as relating it to other stories we have heard before.  Each book will have a fiction and non-fiction writing outcome.  We hope to foster a love of books and reading through individual, guided and shared reading activities.  As in Year 1, we will have a guided reading session in school once a week. This book will be kept in school. As well as this, we encourage the children to read every day at home too! We will provide a book for them to read with you and with an adult in school. This book will be kept in your child’s plastic wallet and should be brought to school every day. If possible, please write the date and book title in your child’s yellow reading record with a short comment to communicate with us in school that you have read with your child.

We will be teaching Mathematics using our Maths Mastery programme, taking part in lots of practical activities involving number, shape, space, measure, and problem- solving. We work alone, in partners, in small groups and as a class to improve our Numeracy skills and relate them to real-life situations.

Our afternoons include History, Geography, Design & Technology, Art and ICT and these subjects are taught through topics and key questions. The children also have weekly sessions of R.E., Music, Science, and P.E. as well as P.S.H.E. taught through Philosophy4Children. More information on these can be found by clicking our Curriculum Overview button.

This half term, 2E will have P.E. on Thursdays and 2M will have P.E. on Fridays. Please ensure that your child comes into school in full P.E. kit on this day.

The children have a home-school link book. This book is designed for you to share all the lovely things you and your child do inside and outside of school. This book will be sent home with your child on Friday to be returned the following Tuesday.  Each week you’ll find a summary of some of things we have been doing in class as well as what’s coming up and an activity for your child to complete.  This will be based on the work we have been doing in class.  There will also be a list of spellings that they have practiced reading and writing in their daily SoundsWrite lessons.  We would like your child to practise spelling and writing these words in their neatest handwriting, ready for our spelling quiz on Fridays.

All children should have also received a Purple Mash login, which can be found in the front covers of their home-school link books.  Purple Mash is a creative, educational website that covers all subjects.  We would encourage all children who have access to a computer or tablet to use Purple Mash.  There are also some other websites and apps on our Useful Links button that your child can use to develop their learning at home.

As a school, we also use the app Seesaw to help keep us connected and for home learning purposes. Please sign up to this app, as Home-School link sheets will be loaded up to it weekly. Your child can respond to the tasks set in the Home-School link book and return it to school as stated above or capture the learning on Seesaw and we will respond to it there. If you need a paper copy of the Home-School link sheet to come home weekly for whatever reason please let your child’s class teacher know. Likewise, if you need your child’s Seesaw details please contact a member of the year 1 team we will be happy to help with this.

If you have any questions about Year 2, please speak to a member of our staff on the gate at home-time or contact us via Seesaw or leave a message with the school office.


Autumn 1 Art and Design

Autumn 1 Art and Design

In art we explored different collage techniques such as cutting and arranging paper, scrunching paper and arranging shapes. In art we have been studying collages. Today we went to Greenbank Park and created our own natural collages.

Autumn 1 Literacy

Autumn 1 Literacy

In Literacy we started our lesson with @Anchor_grammar's Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives song. We then sorted some words into the categories. We then explored the structure of our model text and identified different language features . Today we wrote some descriptions of...

Autumn 1 Maths

Autumn 1 Maths

In maths we started our new addition and subtraction unit. We practised our number bonds within ten and loved playing Cowboy Number bonds! In maths we explored how we could represent two digit numbers in different ways.