Year 6

Year 6 Transition

Secondary schools will have been very busy during recent times preparing for their new arrivals in September.  Although transition days won’t be happening in the usual way, this week we have been sent information about how some Secondary Schools have developed Transition Areas that you can access online, with information, welcome details and tour videos. We have created a document with all of this information and we hope you will find it helpful.


Secondary School Transition Areas.pdf

Liverpool Learning Partnership has also created a Padlet resource to support families in preparing pupils for starting secondary schools.  Here is the link:


Secondary School Transition Padlet


Over the next few days, you will receive a pack for children with a range of activities linked to the end of Year 6.  Children learning at home will receive this in the post, and children learning in schol will receive a pack to take home. There is some information included about a Virtual Leavers’ Presentation and Virtual School Trip that we will organise for the end of term!

Our Current Topics

Our Current Topics

Term: Spring 2


Literacy – Reading and Writing unit based on ‘The House with Chicken Legs’ by Sophie Anderson (multiple writing outcomes).

Maths – Unit 3, 4 and 5 (Order of operations, fractions and shape/angles).

Science – Rocks and Soils. Skill focus: Data Handling.

Topic – Could you live in the Frozen Planet? (Geography)

RE – Worship, prayer and places (Why do people practice meditation?).

DT – How can we keep our pets fit and healthy?

Spanish – Homes and jobs – focusing on the skills of how to ask and answer questions and use the correct feminine/masculine pronunciation). 

PE – Basketball 

PSHE – P4C (Philosophy for Children) sessions are focusing on Individual Liberty.


P.E. will be on Fridays. Full school P.E. kit is required on this day. 

Drama will also be on Fridays. 

Homework and weekly spelling lists will be given out on Fridays in children’s homework books. These are due in the following Wednesday. 

Home Learning Project


Home Learning Project Parent Information

We know children might be feeling worried or confused at the moment about everything that is going on and not seeing their friends and older relatives, and not being able to go to school. Save the Children have written some important tips on how to talk to children, help them express their feelings, and support their learning. They have included specific support around the virus for children, and support for parents too.

Save The Children UK Covid 19 Resource Pack

Home Learning Week 10

Welcome to Week 10 of Home Learning.  This week’s learning theme is ‘Special People’. Here is your Home Learning Project for this week.We hope you enjoy!  If you would prefer a paper copy of this project, you can collect it from the school office.  

From Tuesday 16th June, you can share and receive feedback on your child’s work from their class teacher via our Home Learning email address.


We really look forward to seeing what you have been doing! Class teachers may be teaching in school this week so please be patient with us, we will respond as soon as we can. 


the list of things that will not change extract

talking to the moon extract

mae jemison work it girl extract

earth heroes extract

maths fluency practice monday june 19th

maths fluency practice monday june 18th

Home Learning Week 12

Hi Year 6!


Welcome to this week of Home Learning. The theme for this week is No Outsiders. If you are still learning at home, we want you to know that these activities are exactly the same as the ones that children are doing in school. We hope you enjoy the range of activities included in this Home Learning Project! Keep sharing your work with us on Twitter, and via or Seesaw- we really do love seeing your learning!


black women first research

mae jemison work it girlextract

stay fluent 5 a day friday

stay fluent 5 a day wednesday

stay fluent 5 a day thursday

stay fluent 5 a day tuesday

stay fluent 5 a day monday

uks2 home learning project no outsiders

wonder extract

greenbank anti racist rap

emmeline pankhurst text

no outsiders powerpoint

maths planning


Also for those children who continue to learn at home, this week you will receive a Leavers’ Pack through the post, full of activities linked to the upcoming end of your time at Greenbank. We hope you find them enjoyable, and please share the completed activities with us through Twitter, our home learning email address, or Seesaw. If you haven’t received an email about your Seesaw home learning code, it will be included in this pack.  


Please also check the ‘Transition’ tab of our class page with some useful information regarding your transition to Secondary School. 

Home Learning Week 14

Welcome to Week 14 of home learning.   Here you will find your Home Learning Project (with a special note from your teachers), plus your virtual end of year activities (click the buttons above). 


This week, whether you are learning in school or at home, is your last week in Year 6, and you are about to embark on the next part of your school journey.   We are so disappointed we cannot celebrate together in the same way as usual, although we have prepared some end of year activities for you to enjoy, in school or at home with your families.


We really want you to know how proud we are of each and every one of you, and what you have achieved at Greenbank. 

stay fluent 5 a day july 17

stay fluent 5 a day july 16

stay fluent 5 a day july 15

stay fluent 5 a day july 14

stay fluent 5 a day july 13

the colours of history extract

colour thief extract

colour my days extract

net of cube

net of cuboid

net of triangular prism

net of cone

net of cylinder

write your own eye spy poem

eye spy with my rainbow eye vocabulary

eye spy with my rainbow eye poem ks2

home successes note

y6 home learning project celebrations

thank you colouring cards

design a medal

Home Learning Week 11

Welcome to Week 11 of Home Learning Year 6. This week’s theme is Sports!

Here is your Home Learning Project-we hope you enjoy your activities! Please share your wonderful work with us via Twitter or our home learning email address

Sport Design Your own sporting item templates

Virtual sports day poster

Virtual sports day events

Stay fluent june 26th

stay fluent june 25th

stay fluent june 24th

stay fluent june 23rd


mindfulness colouring in pinwheel activity 

the line out

skills from brazil reading

marcus rashford letter to parliament

chapter 1 ghost reading

uks2 home learning project sports

This week, you will receive your Home Learning Code to be able to share your Virtual Sports Day via Seesaw, a learning app we are starting to use this week. While you waiting for your code, you can find out more here


1940s Week

1940s Week

During our whole-school creative week on Liverpool, Y6 focused on Liverpool in the 1940s. We learnt a lot about the Blitz and its importance and impact on our city. We wrote poetry inspired by images of the Blitz and created artwork based on The Bombed-Out Church. We...

World Book Day

World Book Day

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed sharing their love of reading with Nursery children, by choosing their favourite picture book to read and discuss with them. We got comfy down in the Nursery classroom and spent time reading to different children. Some Nursery children also...



Our current sport in P.E. is badminton. Children have been practising their precision, aim and ball control by using a bean bag in pairs. They then put their practised skills into action by playing doubles games.