Attendance and Welfare


At Greenbank we believe that for children to achieve their full potential they need to attend school regularly. Children should be at school, on time every day. If your child is absent, parents should contact school on the first day of the child’s absence to notify them of the reason and when they will return to school (if known). Parents can also use the Parent App to notify school.

Our overall weekly target is 97%. Please make every effort to get your child to school on time everyday. Poor punctuality means your child misses valuable learning time and that lessons are disrupted for other pupils.


Gates are open from 8.30am for children to arrive. Staff are on the playground to safeguard all children. The gates are closed at 8.50am. If your child is late they must enter the building at the main entrance where parents will be asked to complete a late slip giving the reason for the lateness. If children are persistently late a meeting may be arranged with parents to ask if school can help in anyway.

Dental and Medical Appointments
If at all possible we ask parents not to make appointments during the school day. We understand that this is difficult where hospital outpatient appointments have been made for you, but on most occasions these do not take up most of the day and your child could attend school before or after the appointment. Please bring your appointment card into school for verification. School will make a note of the appointment for future reference on your child’s attendance record. In emergency cases, please bring evidence of the appointment afterwards and then it will be authorised.


If you are considering taking a holiday in school time, you must complete a holiday request form. Mrs Wrigley will take into account your child’s attendance record when making any decisions.
The Local Authority have a new policy which clearly states that if families take a holiday or extended leave without permission or when unauthorised, a penalty notice may be served.
A penalty notice is a fine of at least £60, increased to £120 if not paid within 21 days. If penalty notices are not paid the Local Authority may prosecute parents in the courts.
Children are also at risk of losing their school place at Greenbank if they take unauthorised leave or do not return on the agreed date.

Snow and Bad Weather

School will always be open unless you receive a text message via our parent app system. Please send your child into school as normal.
So parents can receive these important message, please register on our parent app system. To access please download from the App Store and register.


If your child is receiving any ongoing medication prescribed from your doctor, parents must complete a medication form which can be obtained from the school office. Medicine or tablets must NEVER be given to a child to be brought into school. Our Welfare Officer Mrs Garnett will be happy to discuss any issues you may have.

Road Safety

Road Safety Officers visit school on an regular basis to ensure that all children are aware of how to stay safe on the roads.
Year 5 children receive cycle proficiency training under the ‘Bikeability Scheme’. Children begin their training on the playground and then progress onto quiet roads around the perimeter of the school, all under the guidance of professional instructors. Children will also learn about road safety awareness for themselves and others.

Visiting the School

Any visitors visiting the school are asked to sign in and out and MUST wear their visitors badge at all times. Our staff are trained to challenge anyone not displaying their badge.

Gate Duty

At the beginning and end of the day there is always visible staff at the gate and on the playground. Staff will remain on the playground at all times to ensure the safety of all children until they enter the building or they have left with their parents.


Year 4 and 5 Children go swimming once a week. Children in years 4 and 5 go for one term every year. They are accompanied to the swimming pool by school staff. The children are taught by fully trained swimming instructors.

School Trips

All school trips involve rigorous risk assessments by staff. Children are fully supervised by experience school staff.

Forms relating to student attendance:

Forms relating to student welfare: