Collaboration & Partnerships

St George’s C of E Primary

St George’s is the school with the highest deprivation factor in Wandsworth Borough (London) and yet it is one of the highest in the league tables. This makes them quite unique and they have shared their success generously with us.
We have been working with St George’s on a number of initiatives, namely the development of Talk for Writing and Sounds Write. St George’s is a National Training School and great friends to Greenbank. We have completed collaborative visits to support teaching and learning at Greenbank.

North West Maths Hub 3

The Maths Hubs programme for the first time brings together all mathematics education professionals in a national network of hubs, each locally led by an outstanding school or college, and in partnership with neighbouring schools, colleges, universities, CPD providers, maths experts and employers. This is a new way of harnessing all maths teaching expertise within an area, to spread excellent practice even more widely, for the benefit of all pupils and students.

As a Lead Maths Hub, NW3 provide support to all schools in the area and across the NW, across all areas of maths education, including: 

  • recruitment of maths specialists into teaching.
  • initial training of maths teachers and converting existing teachers into maths.
  • co-ordinating and delivering a wide range of maths continuing professional development (CPD) and school-to-school support.
  • ensuring maths leadership is developed, eg running a programme for aspiring heads of maths departments.
  • helping maths enrichment programmes to reach a large number of pupils from primary school onwards.


The hub supports primary through to post 16 and have a chance to change/influence maths education across the country.

As a school, Greenbank have received training and professional development for our staff from the Maths Hub for a number of years and during this time our partnership has grown. We now share some of our experienced practitioners with the Maths Hub, Mrs Plant as an SLE and Mrs Edge as an EYFS Programme Develop Lead. This partnership continues to strengthen with the new appointment of Mrs Plant as the Assistant Maths Hub Lead- which is a NEW ROLE to support NW Maths Hub 3 and creation of the network in Liverpool and Cheshire. The role means that Mrs Plant will work as part of the Maths Hub Leadership and Management Team, normally for the equivalent of 1 – 1.5 day per week, with a particular focus on Liverpool and Cheshire areas. The work will involve working closely with local partnerships:

  • identifying, recruiting, developing and supporting local leaders of maths education to work with the Maths Hub, for example as Work Group Leads or Mastery Specialists
  • acting as the public face of the Maths Hub, communicating and promoting the Maths Hub’s vision and ambition for maths teaching and maths teachers and the results of its work
  • identifying leading schools and colleges that demonstrate effective practice and seeking to develop partnership
  • developing a strategic understanding of the improvement needs of schools in the hub area
  • supporting recruitment of desired number and type of schools to the Maths Hub activity
  • ensuring high quality planning and evaluation of the Maths Hub’s work

    Please use the following link to the North West Maths Hub 3 website.

St Helens TSA

“Teaching schools give outstanding schools a leading role in the training and professional development of teachers, support staff and head teachers, as well as contributing to the raising of standards through school-to-school support.”

St Mary and St Thomas CE Primary School gained National Teaching School Status in April 2013. They work in partnership with Strategic Partners from across St Helens, Knowsley, Wigan and many other neighbouring areas (Primary, Secondary and Special phases) and have a dedicated team of experienced practitioners who are able to deliver a wide range of programmes for the training and professional development of staff in schools. Our teachers, Ms Kaemena (Assessment SLE), Miss Owen (English SLE), Mrs Plant (Maths SLE) and Ms Rowlands (English SLE), are some of these experienced practitioners who deliver training and staff development on behalf of the TSA.  

The Teaching School work covers the following six areas: 

  • Initial Teacher Training
  • School to School support
  • specialist Leaders of Education
  • Professional Development for staff in schools
  • Identify and Develop Leadership potential
  • Research and Development


The St Helens Teaching Schools Alliance aims are to:

  • Help schools to build capacity in a way that is manageable for them, and reflect the high standards to which we aspire
  • Provide a strong supply of high quality new teachers to the profession
  • Significantly improve the quality of serving teachers
  • Develop great leaders and the next generation of head teachers

Support schools in need of support, particularly schools in an OFSTED category or below floor standard

This will lead to:

  • Increased achievement of pupils
  • Fewer schools in OFSTED categories or below floor standards
  • An increased percentage of good and outstanding schools
  • A self-improving and sustainable system that has capacity to improve further

    Please use the following link to the St Helens Teaching Schools website.

Mathematics Mastery

In summer 2016, we started on our Mathematics Mastery journey with the whole school staff being trained in the programme and implementation began.


Mathematics Mastery has supported us with our teaching of a coherent curriculum which is focused around fluency, reasoning and problem solving in maths.  We have been pleased to see engagement, enjoyment and whole participation in Mathematics lessons increase as the programme is embedded. The success of this has been further highlighted by the programme developers from Mathematics Mastery, who have visited our school on a number of occasions to observe lessons and check the progress of the programme, giving us positive feedback on what is happening in school.

Further to this day-to-day teaching of our children, we have also sought to support other Mathematics Mastery schools as well as schools in our local area who are not yet MM schools. Our partnership with MM has continued to develop over the years, with us now being the official MM Maths Hub for Liverpool. 

Please use the following link to the Mathematics Mastery website