Parents/Carers Support

The Early Help Directory provides information regarding a wide variety of services and events for parents/carers, young people and children

Your child’s class teacher is available to discuss your child’s progress or any concerns you may have or to share information about what is working well at home/school so similar strategies can be used.

Greenbank’s SENCO will be happy to meet with you to discuss any concerns or worries you may have. Appointments can be made by telephoning school. (SENCO/Safeguarding Officer is Mrs Heyes)

All information from outside agencies or professionals will and where possible be discussed with you in person or where this is not possible in a report.
“Tackle Child Abuse” campaign
We all have a role to play in protecting children and young people from child abuse and neglect.
Many people do not act because they’re worried about being wrong.

You don’t have to be absolutely certain; if you’re concerned a child is being abused or their safety is at risk, speak to someone.

Following these simple steps and reporting your concerns to your local council could provide the missing piece of information that is needed to keep a child safe.

Child abuse. If you think it, report it.

Please find below information published by the DfE regarding the ‘Tackle Child Abuse’ campaign. It revisits the key message that safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility.

Operation Encompass:
A new scheme between police and schools to better protect children from domestic abuse