Black History Month 2020

The month of October is Black History Month in the UK, and teachers at Greenbank planned a series of lessons and activities designed to explore this area of the curriculum.

Black History Month recognises and values the inspirational individuals and events that have shaped the black generation. During Black History Month, we remember and celebrate the contributions and achievements that important and significant people from the past have accomplished, as well as those who contribute to and help our society today.

At Greenbank, each year group focussed on a theme such as artists, musicians, sporting world and authors of which to base their learning, which was explored through a range of lessons including reading, music, art, drama, discussions and writing. Take a look at each year group below to find out what their learning of Black History Month involved!


Reception have enjoyed listening and dancing to African music. They created their own instruments using junk modelling.

Year 1:

We have spent the afternoon learning about Black History Month. We talked about Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela and finished by creating fantastic posters all about Nelson Mandela and the kind of man he was.

Year 2:

What Year 2 have been up to.

Year 3:

Year 3’s theme for Black History Month is sport. After learning about many sporting heroes, they even tried to emulate some of their achievements by creating their own class records. They also created fact files about the sporting stars that inspired them the most.

Year 4:

We have been learning why we celebrate Black History Month. We looked at a timeline of Black History in Britain and started researching about famous black musicians. Here are some pieces we have created with vocabulary we relate to Black History.

Year 5:

To kick start our learning about Black History month we discussed the importance of why we celebrate black history. We talked about all  the amazing and significant black people we knew and created a timeline of black history.

We have looked at famous musicians. We loved learning about the music sensation that is Nina Simone. She learnt to play the piano before she could even reach the pedals! We enjoyed listening to 2 of her songs. We also enjoyed learning about the incredible musician and child prodigy that is Stevie Wonder. We loved listening to his music and discussing his songs.

We read the story of Bessie Coleman – the first African-American woman to become a pilot. She faced many challenges because of her race and gender but she never gave up on her dream. We think she is brave, resilient and incredible!

Year 6:

Year 6’s project is ‘authors and poets’. They made timelines of prominent writers. They listened to work by Maya Angelou and George the Poet, to hear the changing voice of poetry in the last 100 years.